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About Macedon Ranges Koala Project

Macedon Ranges Shire koalas survival depends entirely on us.

The aims of the Macedon Ranges Koala Project:

  • Gather community sightings of koalas throughout the Macedon Ranges Shire and surrounding districts and record them on a database.
  • Provide an insight and better understanding of koalas: how they live, were they live. “Get to know them better”.
  • Promote awareness of habitat needs and habitat conservation. "What to grow and where."
  • Raise awareness to any threats to koala populations.
  • Use information gathered from this project and other feedback, to address issues relating to the preservation of koalas in our Shire.

The Macedon Ranges Koala Project is an initiative of wildlife rehabiltators and rescuers from the Macedon Ranges Wildlife Network. It is supported by the Macedon Ranges Shire Council.


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Spread the love and share your respect for your fellow nature-mappers' efforts by clicking the new "thumbs up" like button on any sighting page. We're not trying to copy facebook, but its a great new way to be able to essentially vote for the sightings you most resonate with and enjoy. Cheers Aaron.

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Oh no!!! :( Poor little guy.

Koala Phascolarctos cinereus (Koala)
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